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January in Pacific Northwest feels a lot like Groundhog Day. The holidays are over and the back to work slump has begun. One gray day becomes the next and you find yourself stuck in a routine of self-loathing. Luckily there is one thing in your life that you can always change: food! Here are five foodie ideas you can do today that will instantly make you feel alive again.

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1. It may be dark outside but there’s no reason your food needs to be. Eat some ridiculously healthy leafy greens or juicy oranges. Your body will be grateful and so will your food pics!

2. Put some pep in your step with a hot new recipe. Try some thai lime chili popcorn or add some extra spice to that taco bar.

pepper and cheese

3. Sweeten up your day with some feather boa doughnuts from Top Pot or pour some hot caramel over your favorite dessert (after your 10 mile run of course.)

pink donuts

4. Dip anything in chocolate. It’s good for you!

5. Call a special friend and grab some happy hour drinks and oysters for a buck each at Anchovies and Olives. They’re packed with omega-3s and enough zinc to keep you going all night long…

Scott Pitts is the photographer of “taste” for Armstrong Pitts Studios and the director of “appetite” for Epicure Films.  You can find him on Instagram @scottpitts and on Twitter @scottpittsphoto


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