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So far summer has been rip roaring busy, which is why I’ve not kept up on the e-Bay postings.  We are very excited about the release of the new G magazine (for California Grapes, of course).  It is just cool- one of those rare projects that is better all together than the shoots were by themselves.  It just hums with Alicia Nammacher’s design- we really feel like we were handed a great gift by our client, Jim Howard.  It is being featured on the Food Network and in the Food Network Magazine all summer- Can’t get much bigger than that!


The next issue of the Darigold magazine FRESH, Vol. 4 is coming to a close.  A bit more shooting to do and every bit as fun as the first issue.  This year’s issue has taken us from Newport Beach, CA to Lincoln City, OR.  Darcie and I just got back from the Nelscott Café in Lincoln City – All I can say is breakfast is done at this place in a big way…and the pickle chips- yeah deep fried buttermilk pickle chips- were some of the most awesome @#$% I’ve ever eaten!  Last year’s issue, Vol.3 just won another Photo District News Award, so expectations are high again for this year!



Be sure to get on the mailing list! Email jenna@armstrongphoto.com for the next issue of FRESH out in September

Scott continues to amaze with the most inspiring work.  He hosted the Macaroni Grill team from Texas for a hard slamming week of work.  Scott has developed a whole new style for them in conjunction with SuperBig Creative, re-branding Macaroni Grill as a hip modern place.  Also he started shooting more video for clients, including a short piece for Macaroni Grill. While this is a very new direction for us, it is a heck of a lot of fun.

In addition to the other things going on, a few projects are underway in conjunction with our new company Black Building Productions (BBP) –  A pizza book with Craig Marocco tossing the dough and Xiaonan designing up something special with our takes is just one of the projects.


Summer promos are in the works, out soon – one featuring “Ivory”, which we will develop into yet another book project with Black Building Productions.  Design and travel books seem to be something I’ll be doing more of in my “dotage”…


Scott has contributed a classic summer theme to the summer promo series. A wonderful day at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island. A great place to go for the weekend.


The Studio continues to work with Starbucks, including the most recent Frappuccino campaign.  With advertising developed by BBDO New York, our photos can be seen everywhere this summer – ELLE, US Weekly, SELF, Lucky, O and Glamour.


Last but not least, Xiaonan’s role in The Studio continues to grow and she is now making a HUGE difference in our already extensive prop collection.  Not only is she tracking down special props for clients like Starbucks, but is making sure they are all actually inventoried and put away properly!


Hummm, perhaps my dotage will be starting early- on July 18th I’ll be doing an afternoon talk on food photography at Tom Douglas’ summer camp for adults (he serves wine) there will be a lot of great chefs over the five days and you might find some of it interesting – check it out while there are still slots left…


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