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Bacon 24/7 receives a stellar review from Booklist!  Read it here and discover more on Booklist.com:

“The celebrity meat of contemporary carnivorism, bacon figures prominently in recipes and on restaurant menus. It’s not just with eggs at breakfast or with slices of tomato and lettuce leaves at lunch, but it shows up ubiquitously at meals from morn to midnight and beyond, as Gilliam documents. Truly dedicated bacon fanatics can follow Gilliam’s instructions for turning a slab of pork belly into smoky rashers over the course of a week. Those less motivated have dozens of recipes for waffles, salads, soups, sandwiches, appetizers, entrées, and desserts. Some dishes, such as Alsatian onion tart and spaghetti carbonara, faithfully reproduce classics. Crab and corn chowder would not be out of place on any New England table. On the other hand, Gilliam’s transformation of the classic BLT into a cold soup befits a modernist kitchen, and bacon baklava pushes the boundaries of fusion cooking. Anyone ready to belly up to the bar for a bacon Manhattan?” — Mark Knoblauch

Our new release, Bacon 24/7, a beautifully photo-illustrated cook book of all thing bacon morning, noon and night, is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com.  Available in hardcover and on Kindle, it’s the perfect recipe book for any bacon lover.

Named Amazon’s Best Books of January 2014!

Bacon 24/7, cookbook

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