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Come on down!

We’re excited to take part in Seattle’s premier networking event for foodies, journalists, bloggers, restaurateurs and other gastronomes: Foodportunity 2014.  Get your tickets now for Monday, July 28th 6-9PM at Tom Douglas’ Palace Ballroom.  Mix and mingle while snacking on bites from local hangouts like Lark, Paquitos, Luc and Von Trapps (and if the networking sounds too intense, down worry, there’s a cash bar).

Photographer and AP Studios founder EJ Armstrong will be there to talk shop, answer questions and promote our new, fully photo-illustrated cookbooks Bacon 24/7 and The Crimson Spoon.  So come down, grab a bite, get your shmooze on and join us at the AP table!

Meet EJ Armstrong:

What does “EJ” stand for anyway?  You will have to ask her – but on occasion we like to call her The Baroness.  She is the regal founder of Armstrong Pitts Studios (even though she claims she is just a tough girl from Oakland).  EJ’s formative years were spent studying art history, art collecting and design.  In 1989, she opened Armstrong Studio and ever since has created beautiful images for clients such as Starbucks, Whole Foods and Tyson.  Her exceptional taste in everything (we mean everything), lends great credibility to the beautiful food imagery she has become well-known for.  While EJ is not a soft-spoken person, she does have a soft spot for clients and associates who strive for the best.  Brilliant and ballsey, her talent and insight is invaluable to the studio’s philosophy on what true beauty is.  

EJ Armstrong



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