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On a cold September day we left Seattle in a torrential downpour for a bight and brilliant backyard shoot in Los Angeles.  The day’s shoot was all about ripe, fresh California Grapes, and in the company of a stellar cast and crew, models and food stylists, the scene was set for a perfect summer afternoon by the pool.  We kept coolers packed with picture perfect grapes, while models were prepped and we got our equipment in place.  At one point we were all so tightly crammed into the driveway with our gear, that Christophe had to shimmy down from the top of our van just to retrieve our lighting.  The shoot was a success and a nice break from the Seattle gloom.  Great weather, an awesome crew, beautiful locations – and we definitely took advantage of the city on our down time. Not a bad way to work.

California Grid

Scott Pitts is the photographer of “taste” for Armstrong Pitts Studios and the director of “appetite” for Epicure Films. You can find him on Instagram @scottpitts and on Twitter @scottpittsphoto


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