Epicure Films / The Benevolent Baker Featured On The Huffington Post!


In honor of National Doughnut Day, Epicure FilmsThe Benevolent Baker was featured on the Huffington Post!

Check out the article Watch How Doughnuts Are Made In This Magical Video for more:

“If you need any persuasion whatsoever, watch this stunning, captivating video. You’ll learn how doughnuts are made and trust us, you will need a doughnut promptly after watching. Doughnuts have never looked so good.”

Enjoy the super sweet holiday in all its glory – and don’t forget to watch and share Epicure FilmsThe Benevolent Baker to see what all the buzz is about!

Hand Forged from Epicure Films on Vimeo.

Scott Pitts is the photographer of “taste” for Armstrong Pitts Studios and the director of “appetite” for Epicure Films. You can find him on Instagram@scottpitts and on Twitter @scottpittsphoto

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