Our Little Book Company / X Selection: Back to School Edition


I never really liked the feeling of summer ending and having to go back to school, except for the adventure of shopping for school supplies. To this day I still go hunting for fun and interesting pencils, erasers, notebooks, and bags, of course. I wanted to share some things I recently found in various stores around Etsy. Personal is always better in my mind. You can find something made just for you!

You can order these handmade notebooks to have your name written on it!

Write on the cover with chalk, how fun!

If you’re one those folks who would rather type than pick up a pencil, here’s somethin’ for you too. I like paper goods and letters, so this one really grabbed my eye. There are even more designs  here!

How about some vintage mini rulers to keep you in line? I can see a whole bunch of them in a bowl or a jar for decoration on your desk. This can be a fun DIY idea.

Here are a few fun erasers for the people who still write. Polkadots and colorful? I’m in!

I love the idea of customizing chalkboard erasers! I’m going to dress up mine this weekend…perhaps with something in Chinese.

About the author: Xiaonan is a quiet and sweet girl who can occasionally surprise you with the size of her balls. She takes pride in her work as lead designer by day and watercolor painter by night.


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