This month indigo and dirty ivory are the colors which are attracting us. Not a fall or holiday bent to it but more skewed to Japan and Vietnam, the earthy nature of these colors are very nurturing and calming .

The coming of the ancient color indigo into its own in modern fashion in the next few years is no surprise–as boro (the Japanese farm fabric known for it’s durability) and the African native blanket can attest these items made on small looms–12.5 inches and 4 inches respectively, which have endured centuries of fashion already.

Below I’ve found some great examples on my favorite shopping site, along with a few examples of pottery from Asia.

Fine examples of boro are usually to be found on eBay of course, here and here.

This dealer is excellent, I’ve purchased many things from them, the prices for the offerings are well, cheap, for the quality of African indigo, here and here.

Pottery from Asia, links here, here and here.

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